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The Power of Music

Brand Strategy and concept development for a video game music streaming service focused on boosting productivity.
The ultimate music app for working/studying.

Take control, channel your skills and level up yourself.

Why Video game music?


Video game soundtracks foster a sense of achievement while motivating players to reach the next level and keep moving forward.

There are studies that prove that listening to video game music while working boosts your productivity because it’s designed to sit in the background and inspire you without interfering with your focus, it also helps your brain concentrate on a goal.


For Everyone:

Work more productively to achieve their goals.

For Gamers:

Revisit the soundtrack of their favorite games.

For Music Lovers:

Listen to good instrumental music.

Brand Values


We want people to be the best version of themselves


The key to true focus is to live in the present moment and enjoy all the good things in it.


Video games provide a sense of belonging and this is what we want to reflect in our users, you will always be welcome here.


We care about achieving goals, and we believe you can do anything you set your mind to.

Internal Mantra

Logo Development

Typography & Color Palette

Branding Applications

User Interface

When entering “Focus Mode” all calls and notifications are blocked so you can truly concentrate on your task at hand, making your phone a tool instead of a distraction.

Thank You

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