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A multi-platform solution.

My graduate project Vitü is a tool that combines industrial, textile, graphic and interactive design to teach today’s children to understand and express their emotions.

I worked with a team of 5 girls from different areas of design to develop this concept prototype, my role in this project was as interactive designer.


Target Users


We began by doing an extensive documental research on emotions and how children deal and learn about them, we conducted interviews with professionals that specialize in children psychology as well as with parents and their children, when trying to obtain information from kids we found it easier to do some activities such
As drawing techniques and group activities.

Key Findings


From the findings of the research, we developed the following insights that guided our entire ideation process.

For my children to learn, I have to learn first

I want the time I spend with my children to be quality time

With my parents, I do not feel alone

The Strategy


Vitü is formed by 3 elements that interact with each other to provide a 2 way channel of communication between families, a bracelet for the children, a lamp and home decoration for the household and an app for the parents that serves as the bridge that connects everything.


Kiti Taan: Interactive Bracelet

An interactive bracelet for children named Kiti Taan, shaped like different animals that provides a pet-like companion for children while giving them the opportunity to log their feelings throughout the day, it also had an option to express to their parents that they miss them.

The bracelet prototype was built using a small battery that powered a development board (SparkFun ESP8266 Thing) that joins different push-buttons and a vibrating motor sewn within the bracelet, by connecting to the internet this board is able to receive and send data to another device. 
The children click on the emotion buttons depending on how they are feeling and if they click on the “I miss you” button the parents get notified and are able to send vibrations from their phones to their kid’s arm.

Yunu Taan: Home Accessory

The second component is a Tree-shaped lamp that serves as a charger for the bracelet, Yunu Taan is also a way for parents to express their feelings to their children, the tree is controlled through Vitü and lights up in different colors, each indicating a different emotion

Vitü: Smartphone App

The third component is the app Vitü, this app is the bridge (as its name states) between parents and their children.

Through the app parents are notified when their kids log their emotions and are showed a timeline and graphics to be able to obtain insights on their children’s development, (e.g. if your son feels sad every Wednesday afternoon perhaps he is being bullied at soccer practice) the app also provides counsel on how to talk to or deal with different emotions with your kids and suggests activities that promote family communication and boost quality time.

Why is it valuable?

VITÜ was designed and developed by Sandra Almanza (interactive design), Pamela Alonso (textile design), Marijoze Benitez (industrial desgin), Maria Curiel (textile design) & Emilia Schettino (graphic design & illustration) 

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